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Author: Amal Douglas

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How to Use the Grant Application Template to Prepare a Really Great Funding Bid

In this Video I quickly walks you through how to use our Grant Application Template from the Seven Secrets of Fundraising training programme. For those who want more you can take out a month to month subcription for our online programme How To Submit Great Grant Applications http://www.businesstutorsonline.com/product/grant-applications-bid-writing/ You can cancel anytime, even after one…
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Why Businesses Fail – Your Complimentary Copy

No matter what anyone tells you there is only one absolutely sure way of not losing at anything: “Don’t play the game!” However, for those of us with the entrepreneurial spirit that’s advice we just cannot heed. Despite the title this is a book that calls to and demonstrates action. Do these things, build a…
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10 Things I Learned Directly From Alan Sugar

I used to be an avid watcher of The Apprentice. Nowadays I might watch one or two episodes, makes a cursory assessment of the uselessness, or not, of each candidate and then keep an eye out for when the interviews of the final four or five will take place. To be fair, I can’t honestly…
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Crypto Currencies: Bubble or Best Thing Ever?

In a recent webinar I tried to explain the Blockchain technology behind Bitcoin and other so called crypto currencies. I likened it to a group conversation on the WhatsApp platform. I’ve recently discovered that you can reply directly to a thread or individual post by selecting that post and hitting reply. Then the first few…
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Five Immediate Actions to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

In terms of my physical health It’s not unknown to me that I really should exercise more and cut out certain foods. It takes very little effort to find that out. identifying the things I actually should make an effort to be eating takes a bit more of an effort. Yet even that is not…
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Business Psychology: Lessons from Formula 1 Racing

In a recent post I stated that Formula 1 Racing was not a pure sport because of the heavy reliance on technology in terms of driver performance. However, despite that I still find it a fascinating and even somewhat complex sport. From a competition point of view it is multi-faceted.  On the face of it,…
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How To Train Like an Olympic Athlete for Business Greatness

I am not quite an obsessive sports fanatic, but I certainly love playing and watching an array of sports. From the pure sports of athletics and boxing to the more contrived sports of Formula 1 motor racing and even horse riding/show jumping. I say pure because boxing and athletics are in the end a straightforward physical contest…
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Let’s Not Leave any EU Money on the Table

Do You Have a Mind To Access Some European Union Funding – Before It’s Too Late? If you and your organisation support young people in any way then you could be leaving accessible European Union funding on the table. This could might be funding for hosting a youth exchange, or taking youngsters abroad, training activities…
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Beyond Mary Portas – An Introduction to the Open Market

Many months have passed sine the publication of the Mary Portas Revirew on the state of Britain’s High Street. Following on from that in recent days we have heard reports of the possible demise of three big UK High Street brands, namely, Blockbusters, HMV and Jessops. This is part of a trend that in recent…
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Book Review by the Guardian’s Robert Ashton

Reviewer: Robert Ashton – social entrepreneur and business author Book Title: Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising – Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas ISBN: 978-0-9535993-4-9 Like most authors, I read a lot of books. It stretches my thinking and encourages my writing style to evolve. Like most social entrepreneurs, I can be crushingly critical of ‘one size fits all’…
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Why Bank Collapses are Good for Small Business and Social Enterprise

Twenty Four Billion English Pounds was the reported loss made by one UK bank last year. That’s twenty four thousand million pounds (£24,000,000,000). It seems like the government or taxpayer is going to once again “bail them out.” Simple logic might suggest the government is actually buying some significant shares in the bank outright and…
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