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How to Use the Grant Application Template to Prepare a Really Great Funding Bid

In this Video I quickly walks you through how to use our Grant Application Template from the Seven Secrets of Fundraising training programme. For those who want more you can take out a month to month subcription for our online programme How To Submit Great Grant Applications http://www.businesstutorsonline.com/product/grant-applications-bid-writing/ You can cancel anytime, even after one…
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Why Businesses Fail – Your Complimentary Copy

No matter what anyone tells you there is only one absolutely sure way of not losing at anything: “Don’t play the game!” However, for those of us with the entrepreneurial spirit that’s advice we just cannot heed. Despite the title this is a book that calls to and demonstrates action. Do these things, build a…
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Hola! New Network Member

Using the analogy of sprinting, by subscribing to this Business Network you’ve qualified for the Olympics. Ahead is some hard training, innovative techniques, great training partners and hopefully spectacular successes ahead. You simply have to listen to and act upon the great coaching that is now on offer. Right here is where you will find…
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