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Bid Writing & Fundraising Consultant Training (SSSF): Course Enrolment Fee

Bid Writing & Fundraising Consultant Training (SSSF): Course Enrolment Fee


You could say being a great business coach is 100% about being a great listener.

Or 100% about great analysis.

Or 100% about being a great motivator.

In fact at different times you have to be totally focussed on being each of the above. The rest is about really understanding how business really works, how profits are made, why businesses fail and how to use great business analysis tools and correctly interpret the results.

This programme will take you through all of that and a lot more.


Earn income while helping charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises, and at the same time becoming an expert inhouse fundraiser or launching a new career as a professional fundraising consultant.

Fundraising Certificate Blurb
HEADLINE/BIG IDEA: The Big idea of what the course is about, keywords if applicable.
A comprehensive combination of three popular and outstanding courses that will prepare you for any fundraising challenge, anywhere in the world. You’ll get all the skills and tools you need to raise your own game as well being able to upskill your own staff, colleagues & volunteers in order to create a truly formidable in-house fundraising team.
For many this will be the first step in a career as freelance fundraiser or professional fundraising consultant.
THE DESIRE: Talk to the reader about THEIR journey.
If you reallly want to raise your own game and capabilities in fundraising and charity management or to add useful and meaningful qualification to your CV then this is the course for you.
THE PROMISE: How this book addresses their that desire outlined above.
You will be an absolute Don Gorgan, Big in deh place etc. By taking on and completing this certificate course you will develop the skills, outlook and approach that will absolutely take your fundraising to another level.
EVIDENCE: You will learn…. x y z etc… .
You will learn how principles of fundraising. major donor campaigns, buding a team, how to diverse the fundraisng strategy, get your organisation fit for funding, construct and submt brilliant grant applications and build a great fundraising them. Seek funds, know what to ask for, know the best ways of asking, effectively manage the funds you raise
CREDIBILITY: My own/authors credibility, 20 years, this qualification, leader of, founded etc.
The author .. Secrets of Fundrising, Open Trade Network, been invoved dire tly/indirectly with ¬£miilions… International expereince in the USA, South Africa, Jamaica and France
As an entrepreneur and business man,accountancy, travel & Shipping. author & playright,
ICommunity leader and activist who has served as a trustee on many educational charitable organisations, equality organisations and social welfare. His passion is promoting entrepreneurship as a means of combating……
Inaugural Walter Rodney lecture.
USP: Why this COURSE is not like others course is because it is not the a ploy just to keep you as a memeber. It is a course designed by contemporary, expereienced and successful fundraisers FOR other fundraisers and those working in the non-profit or social enterprise …. Of course it goes without saying that that’s it comprehensiveness and wide scop make it an ideal course for professional fundraising consultants and freelancers. he highlights and walks us through those things we can all work on together if we desire???/
BONUS MATERIALS: links to online videos, courses etc. (exclusive?).
Once yo’ve registered for this course you’ll be entitled to a minmum 25% off any other online course from Anglia Mu’aMalat College and School of Business & Commerce. You’ll get updates anytime we upload new course materials.
END RESULT: You’ll be a truly knowledgeable, professional and versatile fundraiser with a qualification to show for it. You’ll have the ability and flexibility to work alone when neceessary but with the necessary skills to build a winning fundraising team for any organisation.