Seven Secrets of Business Expansion and Dynamic Profit Growth

One Day Workshop

This is an intense and hard-hitting full day workshop that is certainly not for the fainthearted. 

If you’re at the crucial  startup stage you’ll learn how to make the most of that situation, and why a dynamic business model is a clear priority and more crucial than the business plan.

You will learn how to develop a corporate profile fit for success, how to build a dynamic and championship team, as well as how to go about putting together a winning marketing campaign and sales strategy.

For those further down the entrepreneurial road it’s about addressing the five key variables that make up the Olympic Sprint Business Coaching five point action plan for optimising business performance and spectacular growth, namely:

  • Mastering the 40 top lead generation techniques;

  • How to dynamically Improve sales and conversion rates;

  • Understanding pricing strategies and pricing psychology;

  • Retaining & upselling to customers with top-notch customer service;

  • Strategies for increasing profit margins

You will be taught key business drills that strengthen those areas where you need to improve performance. Other drills are designed to enhance and solidify where you are already performing strongly. 


Business Retreat with Personal Coaching Programme

Three Day Business Retreat

A full three days+  that includes:

  • the five module business optimisation system (lead generation, improved sales, pricing strategies & psychology, ways to improve profit margins and great customer service and the art of the upsell).

  • business analysis & personal working styles analysis;

  • personalised business and coaching plan;

  • business & personal analysis and

  • successful business startup module;

  • business divestment and major expansion module;

  • one-to-one coaching sessions.

If you are on the FULL Olympic Sprint Business Coaching subscription you can attend these retreats absolutely free as part of your subscription.

One of the great things about these events is that you can share your journey and your problems and successes with a group of peers on a similar journey and also business and industry experts. For many people this is the highlight of their weekend.

As a bonus you’ll also get modules on developing a talent development programme for yourself or those you support as well as a special module on building a corporate profile fit for on-going and success.