We open registrations for 2 short periods each year. Leave your details below if you would like to be informed of our next enrolment period and be to be added to our mailing list. Becoming a business coach can be a satisfying and rewarding career for some people. We say coaching but this work requires a lot of listening, empathising, some mentoring, a bit of teaching, research, advice (giving and taking) and of course analysis. You may already have a gift or aptitude for some of these things. Some may require a little more effort on your part.
This comprehensive business coaching programme is recognised by many as the best such programme available in the UK. Twenty one core modules over four terms or semesters. How long each term takes  is up to you, whether that be 10 days or 10 weeks. Different modules will contain a mix of reading materials, videos, coursework, business drills, quizzes and case studies. You can also as you learn by recruiting clients and business club members, and also receive credits against course fees. It’s likely that once certified you’ll want to specialise.  It might be franchises, major expansions, new business startups or business efficiency. Or it could be by industry. Others like to keep it general and see what appears on the horizon. No matter your preference this training programme will certainly ensure you’re ready.
Your course of study will look something like this:
An Introduction to Formal Business Studies
  • Financial Literacy
  • Returns and Taxes – Dealing with officialdom
  • How To Actually Make a Profit
  • Corporation Setups
Hit The ground Running – The Business Starting Module
  • Foundations & Principles of a Talent Development Programme;
  • Idea Validation
  • The Sales Cycle – How To Actually Sell
  • Building a Winning Team
  • Using the Business Model Generator Template
  • Generating a Business Plan
  • Business Finance & Partnerships
Let the Money Flow – The Business Growth and Optimisation Module
  • Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • 40 top lead generation techniques;
  • Improving sales and conversion rates;
  • Pricing strategies and psychology;
  • Retaining & upselling to customers through strategic customer service;
  • Strategies for increasing profit margins.
Preparing Businesses for Major Expansion or Divestment
  • Preparing for Divestment or Major Expansion
  • Expansion Through Franchising
  • Expansion Through Duplication;
  • Divestment – Selling Your Business for the Right Price – The Retirement Plan;
  • Final Assessment, Grading and Certification