Bid Writing & Fundraising Consultant Training and Certification (SSSF)


Earn income while helping charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises, and at the same time becoming an expert in-house fundraiser or launching a new career as a professional and freelance bid writer and fundraising consultant.

This course consists of both online content and live one-to-one or  group coaching sessions.

From major corporations, universities, schools, to  local governments and major charitable organisations, everyone is looking for professional support in preparing funding applications and contract or research bids. This course will give you the tools to successfully deliver and build your reputation.



In this hybrid course that should take you around six weeks you’ll get videos, audio files, written course materials, quizzes and optional live one-to-one and/or group coaching sessions. You’ll be encouraged to seek and bring in your own clients as cases studies that we will support you with, and also get a chance to contribute to our own work with existing clients.  So real hands-on experience with a chance to also earn as you learn.

CERTIFICATION: Certification involves answering questions about a practical case study and successfully passing a written end of course test.You’ll then be awarded our  Certificate in Professional Fundraising and Bid Writing

Subjects covered in the programme include:

  • Establishing A Winning Corporate Profile
  • Mastering The Fundraising Cycle
  • Personal Development Told for You and Your Clients
  • Diversifying The Fundraising Strategy
  • Preparing Great Grant Application
  • Building The Fundraising Team
  • Building and Exploiting the Database
  • Submitting Bids That Win