Hit The Ground Running


 “It’s never too late to get things right?.”

This is most definitely the programme we all wish we had access to when we were starting out and launching our first business. It would have saved many of us a lot of time, a lot of money, and even a lot of embarrassment. Then again they say what doesn’t kill you will ultimately make you stronger, however…

This unique six month business startup programme includes on-going one-to-one personal business consultations and mentoring to ensure you get the best out of the programme. We think £100,000 (or dollars) is a good early target for most new businesses. This will be turnover/sales for some but profit for others. At that point you are in a good position to decide to keep business at the same level while improving performance, or to expand the business significantly. Either way our follow up programme “Let The Money Flow” will be a great option for you.


This programme pivots around building a truly robust and dynamic business model, avoiding the failure traps, knowing how to build a winning team and really understanding what it takes to find customers and sell to them.

When we explain to you some of the main reasons why over 95% of businesses fail you might be both shocked and a little scared, but don’t worry, we make things absolutely clear, and walk you through the necessary steps you can take to avoid those pitfalls.

You’d be surprised how many business owners don’t understand how selling really works. Employing a great sales team can unfortunately be a great waste of valuable resourcesif you and the whole team don’t fully understand all the aspects of the Sales Cycle. Get it right and even a novice should be able to sell your product or service, and a top professional will likely make you rich.

You’ll be signing up to these five absoltely packed modules. Each one is a full and comprehensive business course in it’s own right.

• Vakidating your great business Idea
• Avoiding failure
• Building a robust business model
• Building a winning team
• Mastering the sales cycle

You;’ll have texts, downlaoadable resources, videos, reading materials and comprehensive end of module tests that will help yo assess for yourself just how much you’ve managed to grasp.