OSBC Professional Business Coach Certification Programme


You could say being a great business coach is:

100% about being a great listener.


100% about great analysis.


100% about being a great motivator.

In fact at different times you have to be wholly focussed on being each of the above. The rest is about beginning to truly understand how business works, how profits are made, how people think, why businesses fail and how to use great business analysis tools, but more importantly, how to correctly interpret the results.

This uniques and specially programme will take you through all of that and a lot more besides.


As part of this programme you will take part in live one-to-one and/or group coaching sessions, receive instruction videos and audio files, take quizzes to reenforce your learning and receive a host of other course materials.

You will be expected to take part as both a trainer and student in many Olympic Sprint Business Coaching live training retreats and workshops. You’ll mix with others on the same journey while also accessing some great case studies. You will also be automatically authorised as an affiliate.

As an affiliate you’ll also be able to earn as you learn by finding clients and customers for the full range of OSBC and related products. So you can, and will be expected to bring some of your own clients along to workshops. You will get a chance to specialise in different phases of business such as STARTUP, OPTIMISATION, FRANCHISING, MAJOR EXPANSION or DIVESTMENT. We will also work with you to look at particular industries that you have an interest in.

The full programme normally takes about 12-18 weeks and we recruit only twice each year.

The course curriculum is comprehensive and varied but will include:

  • Mastering The Sales Cycle
  • Forty Lead Generation Techniques
  • Developing a Robust Business Model
  • The OSBC Business Startup Programme
  • Te OSBC Business Growth and Optimisation Programme
  • Franchising and Major Expansion
  • Business Divestment
  • Understanding Basic Financial, Accounting and Business Terminology
  • Understanding Motivation Theory and Its Role in Business Coaching

On successfully completing this programme you will be awarded the Higher Certificate In Business Coaching and also added to the database of Olympic Sprint Business Coaches.