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Kitab ‘Usul Ad-Deed

Kitab ‘Usul Ad-Deed

Kitab ‘Usul Ad-Deed  (excerpt)
From the Book of the Science of the Life transaction
by Shaykh Uthman dan Fodio (translated by Aisha Bewley)

Says the poor man in need of his Lord 

Praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds, and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. 

This definition, the Roots of the Life Transaction, will be of use, if Allah wills, to whoever looks to it for support. I say, and success is by Allah, that the whole universe, from the Throne, to the spread carpet of the earth is in time and its maker is Allah, may He be exalted. HIs existence is necessary from before endless time. No beginning to Him, going on forever, no end to Him. He is not affected by anything in time. 

He has no body and no attributes of body. He has no direction and no place. He is as He was before pre-existence before the universe, wealthy beyond dependence on place or designation. He is one in His essence, attributes and actions. He is powerful by His power, transforms by His will, knows by His knowledge, lives by His life, hears by His hearing, sees by His sight and speaks by His speech. He has complete freedom in acting or leaving undone. All Divine perfection is all necessary to Him, but deficiency, the opposite of Divine perfection, is impossible for Him. 

All the Messengers, from Adam to Muhammad, may Allah bless them and grant them peace, are truthful and trustworthy and they conveyed what they were commanded to convey to creation. All human perfection is necessarily theirs, but all human imperfections are impossible for them. Permitted to them are eating, drinking, marriage, buying & selling, and illness which does not lead to imperfection.

The angels are all preserved from wrong actions. They do not disobey Allah in anything He commands, and they carry out all they are commanded to do. They are created from light, neither male nor female and they do not eat and they do not drink. 

The books from heaven are all true and real. Death at its appointed time is true. The questioning by Munkar and Nakir is true. The punishment of the grave is true, the ease of the grave is true. The Day of Rising is true. The awakening of the dead on that day is true. The gathering of the people in one place is true. The giving of the book is true. The narrow bridge is true. The weighing of actions is true. The reckoning is true. Drinking from Kawthar is true. The fire is true, the garden is true. The vision of Allah by the believers in the next world is true. Everything that Muhammad came with, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is true. 

These are the Roots of the Life Transaction.