How To Train Like an Olympic Athlete for Business Greatness

I am not quite an obsessive sports fanatic, but I certainly love playing and watching an array of sports. From the pure sports of athletics and boxing to the more contrived sports of Formula 1 motor racing and even horse riding/show jumping. I say pure because boxing and athletics are in the end a straightforward physical contest based on individual speed, agility, and strength of both mind and body. Whereas with the riding and racing the prowess of the horse or a superior engine can, and usually does,  make a huge difference.

Business is pretty much like that. Two people selling the same goods in the same market. All things being equal one will still do better than the other due to developed abilities that might include preparation, attitude, flexibility, tenacity and technique. However, more often than not there are also other contributing factors such as financial capacity or personal connections. Using these advantages is not unfair, in fact it would be foolish and wasteful not to maximise the benefit that these advantages afford each of us.

thConventional athletics wisdom says Usain Bolt was too tall to be a great 100 metre runner, but instead through good coaching and consistency in drills, training sessions and direction he has managed to use that height to his advantage, The same could be said of the British olympic heptathlon champion, Jessica Ennis. Probably shorter and slighter in build than previous champions but through great coaching, hard work and determination has made that work for her.

Each of us has something specific and individual and possibly unique to ourselves that we can use to our own advantage in both our business and personal development. This might often be the very thing that we have always taken as being a major disadvantage. This might be our age, education, race/ethnicity, family background, gender, life experience, religion or simply where we live. For Usain Bolt being in Jamaica at a time when athletics has become increasingly professional (and sometimes lucrative) allowed Bolt to stay in Jamaica and retain his  close circle of childhood friends which clearly suited his somewhat introverted nature (despite the showmanship). In previous years an athletics scholarship to an American university might have been the only reasonable option for further development. However, make no mistake! he trains hard, very hard and has a top quality coach that he trusts and who pushes and analyses him and directs the training and more importantly, nurtured his development.

th-3For our own personal and business development we also need a coach who can give us a true  assessment of ourselves and direct us to work on our weaker attributes and enter us into smaller &competitions” to build up our competitive edge and “race readiness”

The business and personal success we are talking about here means becoming fit, strong, fast, flexible, explosive, agile and competitive. You have to know who you are competing against. You have to know what constitutes a championship for you and which championships you want to enter. You have to know what constitutes a gold medal, or any other medal. You have to know if just qualifying for the final or getting to the start line equal an acceptable level of success for you. You have to what  league you want to compete in. We call this the Talent Development Model. It’s about developing and nurturing an individual’s talent and getting them ready for success in their chosen field or career, and at a suitable level. For this it is necessary to develop and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit and potential that every individual has within them. So entrepreneurship is at the core of business and personal development along with enhanced communication skills.

The technique for success is based on expertly developed and tailored drills. By drills we mean focussing on the Amal-at-micnecessary things that make you better, whether they are your stronger or weaker points, and doing and repeating particular related tasks or exercises. By doing these drills again and again not only do you become stronger in targeted areas but it also allows some actions to become reflexive so that you do them well, automatically. This gives space for development in other areas and making best use of the natural advantages that each person may have. Those things that can move you from being ordinary, through good and all the way to great! These are techniques we have successfully used with clients who have gone on to become photographers, sportsmen/women, entrepreneurs, health practitioners. authors, gas engineers, gym instructors, lawyers and community leaders.

Our Talent Development and Coaching programme is built around taking you through the following seven steps, some of which are naturally enhanced and repeated as you progress:

  1. Personal and working styles assessment;
  2. Development of aims. goals and milestones;
  3. Development of good habits;
  4. Coaching sessions;
  5. First drills and initial training programme;
  6. Step-up training for competition/going live;
  7. Competition review.

If you would like to know more about joining our programme fill out the form below and add details about your experience and what you want to achieve, or where you believe you need specific help or support.

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