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Pick the Method of Support That Suits You Best 

Everything we offer under the Olympic Sprint Business Coaching banner is designed to help you achieve entrpreneurial, financial and personal success, whatever stage of business you are at. Whatever service or delivery format you choose, you’ll be getting expert guidance, useful knowledge, invaluable tools, practice drills for you to hone your skills and of course access to a great network of both peer to peer and professional support.

Enrol in “Hit The Ground Running” – The Ultimate Business Launch & STARTUP Programme

Hit The Ground Running really is the ultimate business launch and startup guide and is part of the much accoladed Olympic Sprint Business Coaching programme. Ten specially created modules. Each of them constantly tested, re-tested and evaluated to set you up for rapid and sustainable business success from the day you launch.

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Personal Business CONSULTATION

Probably a great place to start for many. An honest assessment of where you are and what’s possible, and what it will take to get there. 
Choosing a personal one-to-one has for many clients been  the “best business decision they ever made” A no-nosense one or two hours that you will wish you had done years before.

Enrol in ”Let The Money Flow!” – Business GROWTH and Optimisation Programme

This comprehensive online course forms the heart of the full Olympic Sprint Business Coaching programme.
It’s for businesses that are up and running and surviving but not quite at the level you think you should be at.
Growth is about not leaving money on the table.
Optimisation is about getting to the top of your league in terms of your industry, location, size and business model.

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Never a dull moment: 
 • Business Seminars
 • One Day Workshops
 • 3-5 Day Retreats
 • Bespoke Programmes

Sign Up to the Olympic Sprint Business Coaching: FULL PROGRAMME SUBSCRIPTION 

With this montly subscription you get EVERYTHING, that’s full access to over 50 online modules and 10 stand alone courses that sell for between $395 and £2,500 each and with a total value of over £6,000;
You get free/complimentary access to all our live OSBC workshops and business retreats (normal ticket prices £225-£596). You also  get regular and invaluable one-to-one personal business consultations thrown in. Absolutely unbeatable quality and value for £89 a month.

The Olympic Sprint Business Coaching FULL SUBSCRIPTION Package

“…It’s like having having a high powered and experienced business mentor, coach, and partner on tap” 

Our Full Programme Subscription gives you access to over 100 online business modules. Not to mention free entry to our live training events, workshops and business retreats, as well as monthly one-to-one business consultations and of course you also get all the benefits normally reserved exclusiely for our business club members.
TIJARA Business Club membership means you can join in with club forums with other entrepreneurs, a very hefty discount off all training events and online courses, a regular newsletter, exclusive access to online materials and a host of other free resources.


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