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Becoming a Wealthy Author

This is all about finishing your book, getting it published and reaping the financial rewards.
We take you all the way through organising and writing your book, to layout, design, ISBN numbers, distribution, pricing, POD and gettuing it listed on Amazon and other sites. 

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Higher Certificate in Mu’amalat Studies

We live in a time when Islamic banking and Finance, though catchy buzzwords, do not come close to expalining what the Deen actually teaches us about matters of finance, trade and commercial transactions. In this course you will also see  how relevant these practices can be today in addressing some of the major injustices of our time at home or abroad.

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How To Draft and Submit Succesful Grant Applications and Funding Bids

For anyone involved in fundraising this course shold be compulsory learning.
Tou can’t fail to see an instant improvement in your funding applications once yo begin to apply even a tenth of the gems af advice and guidance contained in this ever popular training programme.

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Professional Programmes for Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Everything we offer under the Olympic Sprint Business Coaching banner is designed to help you achieve entrpreneurial, financial and personal success, whatever stage of business you are at. You can choose one of our online flagship support courses. You can throw throw in with that some personal business consultations (start with a free one). Or if you’re looking for a career change or professional development we’ve got that covered, and of course you can visit our shop to seea fuller range of what’s on offer.

“Hit The Ground Running” – The Ultimate Online Business STARTUP Support Package

For new entrepreneurs, those wishing to develop a great idea and for our established consultancy clients we think this is a great place to start.
You’ll learn how to assess if your idea is actually a ‘goer’ or a ‘non-starter’. Yo’ll getto understand the importance of a robust business model and how to put it together. 
Perhaps more importantly we will introduce you to the “Sales Cycle.” Master that and you can start generating and converting leads from day one, and as we say “hit the ground running.” For many of us this is the business advice we all wish we’d had years ago.
You can also supplement this, as many do, with a series of 3 personal business consultations that you can book as an add on.

“Let The Money Flow” – No Nonsence Business Improvement Advice and Consultancy for Established Setups

Our senior consultant and business coach, Amal Douglas will lead the team as we analyse every aspect of your business. We’ll look at you and your key staff, business models, your sales, marketing, quality control and a lot more.
We’ll identify gaps, areas to improve, ways to improve, expand, optimise and make sure you’re not leaving any “money on te table.”
Click the link below to arrange for a free (no obligation) initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Thinking of a Career Change or Creating Anonther Income Streem

Take one of our certified training programmes

You can EARN AS YOU LEARN while becoming part of our team of dynamic Olympic Sprint businesses coaches. Or earn extra cash refering clients orhelping to deliver group training sessions. As a professional bid writer we will also support you as you begin taking on your own private clients.

The Olympic Sprint Business Coaching FULL SUBSCRIPTION Package

“…It’s like having having a high powered and experienced business mentor, coach, and partner on tap” 

Our Full Programme Subscription gives you access to over 100 online business modules. Not to mention free entry to our live training events, workshops and business retreats, as well as monthly one-to-one business consultations and of course you also get all the benefits normally reserved exclusiely for our business club members.
TIJARA Business Club membership means you can join in with club forums with other entrepreneurs, a very hefty discount off all training events and online courses, a regular newsletter, exclusive access to online materials and a host of other free resources.

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Other Business Services with DMC Consultancy – Company and charity registrations (CIC, CIO, Ltd Co.), official filings with HMRC  and Companies House, annual accounts, event management, after dinner speaking and staff training. 



27th March, 2022

This workshop will cover:
• The Sales Cycle – A Selling Masterclass;
• Adapting Your Business for the New Normal;
• Cultivating Your Entrepreneurial Mindset;
• Validating Your Great Business Idea;
• Understanding and Embracing New Technologies;
• DLM – The New and Dynamic Method of Marketing and Distribution;
• Q&A Session.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say

Selected Client Testimonials

Amal, your advice was a breakthrough. I certainly also need to re-read the book as even Tony Robbins says (like you), “repetition is the mother of skill.” 

Trevor Jones

Film Director & Scriptwriter

That presentation I initally met you at was brilliant. it was above and beyond, and more importantly I took so much away from it. It was in depth, detailed, straightforward, and easy to understand.

Sabrina Bell

Broadcaster and Recruitment Specilist

I dread to think  of the mistakes we would have made without your expert guidance, encouragement and calming influence, especially at what was such a crucial time for us. I still look forwrd to and continue to benefit from our monthly conversations.

Howard West

East and West

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